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Monday, July 23, 2007

Mumaith Khan Physically Abused at city Hotel

Mumaith Khan, who shot to fame with her item numbers, had a brush with murky male conduct last week when some men subjected her to lewd comments and gestures at a hotel.
"Just because I've done a certain kind of role it doesn't mean I am open to such behavior," said Mumaith speaking of the incident that had taken place while she was standing with her friend at the entrance of that Hyderabad star hotel.
"I too came from a decent family, have god fearing parents and feel offended by lewd behavior just like any other normal girl."
Mumaith admits men tend to look at girls with 'sexy' desires in a particular way and hence she says that she behaves accordingly with them.
Mumaith 's line of argument notwithstanding, the fact remains that actresses with 'hot' images are more prone to predatory attention than their counterparts with relatively sedate images.
Now I hear Mumaith Khan has appointed two bouncers to protect her. God bless her.

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