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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Star Talk: He Is The Real and Great Actor!

Hero Vikram says that Kamal Hassan is the real actor who inspired him a lot. He acclaims his performance in the film 'Swathy Muthyam'. He says, "Acting like mentally retarded person is very difficult. One has to control his senses while acting in every moment. Even if an iota of originality comes out, the show becomes a flop. I watched 'Swathimuthyam' many times. I tried a lot not to get influenced by him when I was portraying in the film 'Siva Putrudu'. Kamal is my role model. Hat's off to him".
In fact, Kamal Hassan has his own unique stand in Indian film industry. He is portraying the role of George Bush in 'Dasavataram', for which he is practicing the body language of him now. He also made the set of 'White House' erect in Chennai peripheries in the Art direction of Thotta Tarani.

Now all eyes are pinned on Kamal Hasan's 'Dasavataram', the biggest budget film in which Kamal is portraying 10 different roles.

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